Solving warehouse management problems

  • Automatic placing and tracing of items
  • Simplified crane control
  • Mobile warehouse and process control
  • Real time stock reporting
  • Improved safety
  • see the Demo


Automatic placing and tracing of items

Once items are known to the Havamax warehouse management (e.g. by scanning a barcode or reading a RFID tag) all items are placed according to their specifications, and the system always knows where items have been placed.

Havamax warehouse management:

  • saves space with dynamic use of storage,
  • tracks all item movements automatically,
  • is less prone to errors through automatic readings,
  • allows variable deposit and pick-up locations,
  • supports manual, semi-automated or full-automated crane steering.


Simplified crane control

The crane control module is an add-on to existing crane controls and it requires a certain “intelligence” of the crane, e.g. position and weight information. The crane control is integrated via WLAN connection.

Havamax crane control:

  • adopts the UI according to the task,
  • hides unnecessary controls according to task,
  • integrates IP cameras for easier claw operation,
  • is easy to learn and reduces training costs,
  • is available on tablet or smartphone.


Mobile warehouse process control

The mobile process control system integrates seamlessly into existing manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Havamax mobile process control:

  • is available on tablet and mobile phone,
  • is always at hand,
  • is simple to operate,
  • reduces search times,
  • integrates with standard connections.


Real time stock reporting

The real-time stock reporting system allows immediate feeding of data. This avoids intermediate notes and delays since manual book keeping is replaced by scanning of barcodes and RFID-tags and by automatic tracing of items.

Havamax real-time stock reporting:

  • is less prone to errors through automation,
  • provides stock information for real-time process planning,
  • eliminates down-times previously caused by outdated stock information,
  • reduces loss, and spoilage,
  • reduces misplacement.